Which tapa defines each bar and restaurant in Seville?

Each bar and restaurant in Seville has its own flagship tapa. The one you cannot miss. The one you’ll speak about with your friends that puts together all the concepts that make the bar or restaurant special for you.

Let’s check some of the tapas that define the style of the bars and restaurants in Seville.

There’s a million tapas and places to visit. This is just a tiny list of samples of tapas that we love in some of the bars and restaurants in Seville. Don’t you get mad at us if we are missing your favs:

  • Piripi – Bodega Antonio Romero: One of the classics in el Arenal. This sandwich is as exquisit as simple. Marinated pork with their special ali-oli.
  • Espinacas con Garbanzos– El Rinconcillo: Spinach with chickpeas and sweet paprika. A classic from the traditional mediterranean food.
  • Pescado en Adobo – Blanco Cerrillo: They invented the sensory marketing before it was mainstream. Whith only walking down Calle Velázquez you tell you are getting close to the bar as you start smelling the deep fried fish as your mouth waters. Every single sevillano knows what I’m talking about.
  • Tartar de Atún – Abacería del Postigo: It’s a very singular tuna tartar. Indeed it is. They slice the tuna, onions and avocado. A great dish right in front of the Cathedral of Seville. Sweet spot.
  • Cola de Toro – Bodega Góngora: The tail of the bull is a classic tapa you shouldn’t miss. Bodega Góngora offers classic tapas within a classic ambience. A must-go place.
  • Cigarro para Bécquer – EslavaIf you ever find a free table here… you will order this “cigarette” with squid, bechamel and seaweed. Always in my team.
  • Pulpo crujiente con puré de patata y ají amarillo – Vuela Tapas & Cocktails: The Crunchy Octopus, mashed potatoes and yellow chili. This is our ROCK STAR. This is the reason why I started this blog! The octopus defines our personality as a restaurant. A twist to the traditional pulpo a la gallega with a touch of the chef Víctor Blandón. As we always say: if, for any reason, you don’t like the octopus you don’t need to pay for it.
Pulpo crujiente sobre puré de patata y ají amarillo con teja de pimentón dulce vuela sevilla

Crunchy Octopus, mashed potatoes and yellow chili, paprica powder tuillé and green peppers – Vuela Tapas & Cocktails

This is just the list of tapas from the bars and restaurants of Seville we know. There’s many others we don’t know (yet) and we hope your comments to learn from your experiences 😉

If you want to know more about our meny click here! We really hope to become famous not only because of the Octopus, but for some other fantasies of the chef Víctor Blandón!


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