Tapas in Seville:

This is a brief recap of our favourite places to have tapas in Seville.

For the ones born in the south of Spain, tapas are part of the culutre and daily basis. A small portion of any mediterranean recipe served as an appetiser to share. Tapas evolved along time to become as one of the flagships of the Sevillian, Andalusian and Spanish gastronomy.

Vuela deeply respects our andalusian roots. This post is not an evaluation of classic tapas; we do love them indeed. This is just a recognition for those chefs and restaurants that dare to reinvent tapas every single day. Vuela is a place with its own personality, slow-cook tapas elaborated in the moment and right in front of the audience. This is what we like, this is what we do and generaly speaking, these are the places we like to go to.

  • La Cochera del Abuelo: The menu changes every week and the will never let you down. It is a very quite place, ideal to have great dinner with friends.
  • El Castizo: An overwelming decoration, together with a  well developed menu and wines.
  • El Disparate: Excelent staff. The Carpaccio of artichokes is my fav.
  • La Abacería del Postigo: It is impressive how good they do it considering they have no kitchen. Excelent raw materials mean dishes out of this world. Mateo, Lidia, Regina and Yeary speak several languages and are super friendly. The only bad point is it gets difficult to find a free spot!
  • Alimentari e Diversi: Yep, it is an Italian restaurant, but they still do tapas. And wow, what a tapas. They also have a great variaty of pizzas and wines. They also offer italian products you can buy there directly.

They all are exceptional places. If you like our recommendations I’m sure you will lov eour MENÚ  🙂

This is our selection of bars and restaurants to have tapas in Seville! I might have forgotten some of your favourites, so I excuse myself in andvance. If you have any sugestions contact us for your recommendations.

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