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Cocktails @ Vuela Tapas & Cocktails

It’s been barely 2 years in Tomás de Ibarra 20, but we already understood that drinking cocktails while having dinner is a weirdo thing in Seville. Under any circumstance we will ever change our minds. We are sure this is the way to pair our dishes with the right drink. In any case, if cocktails are not your thing you can always check our special beers and wines.

The following list shows the most demanded cocktails in our place. For some reason the list matches with our favourites… Might be that we offer the cocktails we enjoy the most making?

Whatever. This is the list of most liked cocktails in Vuela:

5. Mermelade of Seville. Nope, it’s not sweet, it is pretty sour and dry indeed.Tanqueray Sevilla, Aperol, triple sec, lima, egg whites, sugar and a piece of orange to finish it. Ideal to experiment new flavours.

4. Gin Khalifa. Simple and a great option for beer lovers. Gin, limes, sugar and… beer. Specially recommended for those who ALWAYS take beer.

3. No mames Güey! We got the top 3 with a mezcal based cocktail, limes, egg whites and passion fruit. Llegamos al top 3 con un cocktail de mezcal, lima, clara de huevo y fruta de la pasión. The mix of citric and sweet makes it very appropiated for the Grilled Calamary or the Crunchy Octopus.

2. Don Pedro. Excuse me, this is a cocktail. Bourbon, limes, honey and sweet wine. We top it up with smoked rosemary to pair it with the iberian pork or the beef entrecte. So good it hurts.

1. Pisco Sour. Good as starter, with the food or after the same. Every day we make a bunch of them. Pisco is a Peruvian licuor that following the recipe from Chile mixes with limes, egg whites, sugar and we top it up with angostura and dry fruits. Excuisite.

cocktail de pisco sour en vuela sevilla

Pisco Sour – Vuela Tapas & Cocktails


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